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Lycoris Rubus Whitening Fluid

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[Lycoris Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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New natural material and anti - oxidant registered as new material from Jeju nativeplants by Lycoris helps anti-aging by containing Delpindin, a kind of antocyanin

[Lycoris Co., Ltd.]

  • Use black berries harvested from the wild
  • Contain considerable amount of vitamin C and A
  • Inhibit production of melanin pigment

Analysis of anti-oxidizing force

As results of anti-oxidizing test of RHF through removal test of DPPH free radicals, it was found that the DPPH free radicals were reduced significantly (74.5%) in the concentration range between 100 ppm and 5000 ppm. As shown in the analysis results, it was shown that Rubus hirsutus fruit extract had large anti-oxidizing effect and no cellular toxicity, so is harmless to the human body.

Analysis of cellular toxicity

As results of treating the test material, 1~1000 ppm of Rubus hirsutus extract to NHF (Normal Human Fibroblast) cells and observing survival of cells, it was found that it showed no significant effect on cellular toxicity compared with control group.


Rubus hirsutus fruit extract native in clean Jeju island forms delicate coating membrane to improve oil and water balance without leaving any stickiness


 rUbus Whitening Fluid 135ml

- It is a fluid, of which Ellagic acid, vitamin A and C contained abundantly in the Rubus hirsutus extract make skin clear and transparent.


Patent No. 10-0935329
Fruit extract of Rubus hirsutus Thunb. Having skin whitening activity containing
ellagic acid.

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