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Natural Botox Was Put Into Placenta Ampoule

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[Lycoris Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Natural Botox Was Put Into Lycoris Cosmetic Products[Lycoris Co., Ltd.]

This Lycoris placenta product gives wrinkle improving and whitening function by enhancing skin cell activation and is a natural skin care product with remarkable fine line improving effect due to collagen and elastin in derma through activation of fibroblasts


Lycoris Placenta Ampoule 50ml
Its main ingredients including natural raw materials from clean Jeju (e.g. pl5acenta protein, wild black berry extract Rubus hirsutus fruit extract, and Camellia Japonica ovary powder) and adenosine help skin softening, soothing, firming and wrinkle improvement and these highly concentrated nutrients are quickly absorbed into the skin
without leaving any sticky residue to maintain clear and brilliant skin and grant vital and healthy skin confidence.


Patent No. 10-0987302
Cosmetic composition having anti-wrinkle effect containing the horse placental extract

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